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100% all-weather safety

As a professional gardener, I spend most of my working day outside. I'm out in the field, in my customers' gardens, with suppliers in their warehouses and plantations. I must do my job in almost any weather. Taking notes and making drawings on a laptop or mobile phone is not realistic. I've been looking for a solution for a long time, but I always come up short. The notebooks and journals I used always ended up in the trash quickly. Curled paper, unglued bindings, and illegible scattered notes from a meeting in a client's garden, what could be worse?

I got the solution from Rite in the Rain. I started using their notepads and I'm very excited. There's nothing like being in a morning meeting in a customer's garden in the pouring rain taking your notes and you can be 100% sure that you can read them back in the office in the afternoon. This way you won't be surprised by sudden irrigation start or other unexpected events that you might quickly part with your ordinary notepad. I've also found it handy using separate A4 sheets to write tasks and make drawings for gardeners and florists. Then I don't have to worry about when they're working in the garden in sudden bad weather that everything gets blurry.

Michal Bejdák

Owner of Bened Gardening